100 word challenge: …Ive never seen the river bed so dry….

…..I have never seen the river bed so dry…..I wondered what happed to the water its was all gone! Then I heard a growl behind me when I looked up it was a sea dragon making a face like its thinking yeah i wanna eat you. I ran as fast as I could and I tried to hide in the now empty water but nothing wroked it had almost eaten me I grabed a rock to make it go the other way but it was smart and didn’t even flintch, Then it happend it ate me and I was dead.

100 word challenge #22 The last dinosaur

One day I looked at my calendar but nothing was on there just another normal boring day….or so I thought. I went outside and I stepped in a sticky white goo and more dropped from the sky. I looked up and saw a large T rex with miniscule arms. The T rex was drooling on me – gross.  I ran back to my house to get the washing off the line, I didn’t want drool all over it.  Despite running as fast as I could I could not outrun the T rex, and it was only seconds before I was devoured.

To Trap A Theif Review

The is my review of To Trap A Theif and here is a breif summery of the story. Connor and his soon-to-be step-grandparents along with Connor’s best friend,  go on a roadtrip through the sounth island of New Zealand. Conner and Harvey also get missions to do but then a strange man comes into the story and changes their roadtrip for the worst. The auther is Des Hunt and he has made other books that we don’t need to mention.  I liked the story it was boring at the start but it got more exciting around part 2 and my favorite part was the when Conner caught Frank. My favorite character was Frank brown because at the start we all thought he was a good guy but at the end he turned out to be a great antagonist. I think my Friend Liam would love it because of the dinosaur parts.

100 word challenge story- The last scavenger

The year is 4,055 AS dragons have become so powerful we can no longer steal from them. They have evolved to kill us. I am what they call the last scavenger. I have lived on our home pyyria for the last 16 years and today I had the fight of my life when I was looking for berries when a skywing came and attacked me. I was able to fight it off and I became a hero. They built a statue of me in my honor all because I fought one skywing and I had no fear any more. 




Duntroon School Maori rock art

A couple of weeks ago we visited the Maori rock art behind the school and what we saw proved that they were here in our home and one of the only clear drawing that we saw was a ship with people. These drawings were very interesting because the Maori language was only spoken not wrote so they drew pictures to tell there story and to them these were impressive for there time.


100 word challenge Wings of fire tower

The Dragonets came across this strange tower in the sky kingdom it was weird because it did not look like a skywing but a scavenger was in there looking at them ( scavengers are humans ) they walked towards the tower and looked inside. They saw a hole pack of scavengers in there, they all shot arrows at the dragonets they flew away back to there home but they were attacked by a skywing and were shot out of the sky. It was there old enemy ex queen scarlet but they were stronger then her and they defeated her and went home.

My favourite movie character

My Favourite movie character ( In this case monster ) is MechaGodzilla. MechaGodzilla is a robot imposter of Godzilla and almost killed him mostly because of a red beam that comes out of MechaGodzilla’s mouth. He is Over 70 feet taller than the statue of liperty and is bigger than Godzilla who is 20 feet shorter than MechaGodzilla.  He is super powerful which is what I love about him this was why Mechagodzilla is my favourite movie character.

My favourite Book series: wings of fire

My favourite novel series is wings of fire. The wings of fire series recently had there 14th book come out and I have read book one and two and the graphic novels and they were great! They had good characters, a good story and suspense.

The names of the characters are, Clay the mudwing, Tsunami the seawing, Glory the rainwing, Sunny the sandwing and Starflight the nightwing ( There are more but to many to list ).

The main arc is the war of  Pyrrhia and started when queen oasis was killed by a scavenger ( a human ) and the three sisters blister, blaze and burn argued about who should be queen and the nightwing queen battlerunner made the prophecy of the dragonets of destiny ( who are Clay glory tsunami sunny and starflight ) and this arc consisted of five books which i have book one and two.

This is why I believe that wings of fire is the best book series.

100 word challenge week 31 the mysterious world

I was rowing my canoe with my oar on the large lake behind my house.  Suddenly I sink into the water and I find this weird world with dinosaurs and there seemed to be no rules. Strangely enough I could breathe under water and I found  I was standing in a paddock filled with giant mushrooms.The closest one to me was extremely wrinkled. I was always wistful for adventure so I started to explore this strange world. The dinosaurs I saw were smaller than normal ones and didn’t seem to want to hurt me. However, the arachnids were another story..

Holiday review

The first thing we did in the holidays we went to Christchurch and stayed at a motel and it was pretty fun there but it takes 3 hours to get there which  was annoying  I give this part of my holiday 7/10 because at the end of our trip i got sick.


The next exciting thing that happened  is that my younger cousins came for a couple of days the only bad part is one night i could not get to sleep.

I give this part of my holiday  9/10.



The last thing we did in the holidays we went to my birth place Dunedin  we first stayed at my grannys house and stay for the first, 2nd and last day we were there ( I was at my cousins house for the third ) I also went to timezone and when i was with my cousin we went to the otago museum and Moana pool.

I give the final part of my holiday 10/10