Holiday review

The first thing we did in the holidays we went to Christchurch and stayed at a motel and it was pretty fun there but it takes 3 hours to get there which  was annoying  I give this part of my holiday 7/10 because at the end of our trip i got sick.


The next exciting thing that happened  is that my younger cousins came for a couple of days the only bad part is one night i could not get to sleep.

I give this part of my holiday  9/10.



The last thing we did in the holidays we went to my birth place Dunedin  we first stayed at my grannys house and stay for the first, 2nd and last day we were there ( I was at my cousins house for the third ) I also went to timezone and when i was with my cousin we went to the otago museum and Moana pool.

I give the final part of my holiday 10/10




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  1. What a great post Toby – I love how you have rated each part of your holiday out of ten. I agree, the drive to Christchurch is pretty boring. What did you do at Timezone. Can you please make sure that you only use capital I when you are talking about yourself. 🙂

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