My favourite Book series: wings of fire

My favourite novel series is wings of fire. The wings of fire series recently had there 14th book come out and I have read book one and two and the graphic novels and they were great! They had good characters, a good story and suspense.

The names of the characters are, Clay the mudwing, Tsunami the seawing, Glory the rainwing, Sunny the sandwing and Starflight the nightwing ( There are more but to many to list ).

The main arc is the war of  Pyrrhia and started when queen oasis was killed by a scavenger ( a human ) and the three sisters blister, blaze and burn argued about who should be queen and the nightwing queen battlerunner made the prophecy of the dragonets of destiny ( who are Clay glory tsunami sunny and starflight ) and this arc consisted of five books which i have book one and two.

This is why I believe that wings of fire is the best book series.

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  1. What a great blog post Toby – I can certainly tell how much you love these books. I didn’t realise there are 14 in the series. We will have to get the whole series for the school library.

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