To Trap A Theif Review

The is my review of To Trap A Theif and here is a breif summery of the story. Connor and his soon-to-be step-grandparents along with Connor’s best friend,  go on a roadtrip through the sounth island of New Zealand. Conner and Harvey also get missions to do but then a strange man comes into the story and changes their roadtrip for the worst. The auther is Des Hunt and he has made other books that we don’t need to mention.  I liked the story it was boring at the start but it got more exciting around part 2 and my favorite part was the when Conner caught Frank. My favorite character was Frank brown because at the start we all thought he was a good guy but at the end he turned out to be a great antagonist. I think my Friend Liam would love it because of the dinosaur parts.

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  1. Fantastic book review Toby. I really like how you have described Frank Brown as an antagonist. He certainly did turn out to not be a very nice person at the end. Have you seen any other books by Des Hunt?

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