100 word challenge: …Ive never seen the river bed so dry….

…..I have never seen the river bed so dry…..I wondered what happed to the water its was all gone! Then I heard a growl behind me when I looked up it was a sea dragon making a face like its thinking yeah i wanna eat you. I ran as fast as I could and I tried to hide in the now empty water but nothing wroked it had almost eaten me I grabed a rock to make it go the other way but it was smart and didn’t even flintch, Then it happend it ate me and I was dead.

100 word challenge #22 The last dinosaur

One day I looked at my calendar but nothing was on there just another normal boring day….or so I thought. I went outside and I stepped in a sticky white goo and more dropped from the sky. I looked up and saw a large T rex with miniscule arms. The T rex was drooling on me – gross.  I ran back to my house to get the washing off the line, I didn’t want drool all over it.  Despite running as fast as I could I could not outrun the T rex, and it was only seconds before I was devoured.