Ten Things About Me

10: I love Bowser and the super Mario games






9: I like playing games about superheroes






8: I LOVE DINOSAURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




7: I love drawing










6: I Like Godzilla



5: I Love mcdonalds fries and nuggets



4: I love to swim



3: I love movies


2: I like dog man




1 : I love family


bonus: I like using imovie


Remember that

That Was Summer


Remember when you woke up on Christmas morning

and you were running to the living room

and the presents were right there? 

That was summer.


Remember when you were in the pool having fun

and then you fell in the pool without your mask on? 

That was summer.


Remember when you were at Dunedin

and there was an arcade called Time Zone and you had the most fun in your life?

That was summer


By Toby